Real develops the Lift and Rigging Plan, also known as Rigging Study or Cargo Movement Plan.

The Rigging Plan aims to optimize procedures, reduce costs in operations and outline possible risks in the process, increasing security and predictability.

This plan consists of projects with all the specification for the equipments and lifting accessories and operational details.

Customized solutions

Real is always looking for the best solutions for its engineering projects in cargo handling. We develop customized solutions for the most varied types of projects. For more complex tasks, we perform 3D simulations of all the details and stages of the process. With this, Real reinforces its commitment to the safety of operations, punctuality and satisfaction of our customers, our main pillars.

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Specialized team

Real counts on a team prepared to make technical visits, analyze and ascertain the information inherent to the process, such as: terrain conditions, work area, interferences, loads weight and dimensions, among others. From these surveys, we apply our technical knowledge to engineer the best solution.

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