Real has several types of tower cranes. These cranes can be fast-erecting (self-erecting) or traditional (top-slewing), with capacity of 71 to 630 metric tons and lifting capacity of up to 40 tons.

tower cranes

Tower cranes are very versatile equipment and can reach great heights and radii, with uncountable possibilities. We have conventional and fast erecting cranes that can be operated from the cabin or through the wireless remote control. Our tower cranes have a safety device that allows to limit the performance of both the boom and the trolley / hook of the equipment. This way, it prevents interference with obstacles such as power lines, neighboring buildings or even common areas of the jobsite, offering enormous precision and safety in the handling of loads.

gráfico mostra zonas de atuação de gruas

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variety of accessories

We have a huge variety of accessories and differentiated tower segments. It is thus possible to design and execute special assemblies, reaching large heights without the need for anchoring to the structures and / or with significant reduction of quantity. Our cranes can also be mounted on foundation anchors, stationary chassis (undercarriage) or even be mobile on rails. Check out the complete line of equipment for the Tower Cranes segment.

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